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Public Design Lab 



Public Design Lab was established in May 2007 with a mission to promote public design in order to serve new and changing urban needs. It is the first ever Public Design Lab that its work strikes a balance between basic research and applied design research. The lab advocates that public spaces and designs should be accessible to all, including deprived persons and those with special needs. Its research and design projects are with collaboration with government departments, related organisations, universities and research units, NGOs and communities. It promotes participatory research, FlexiDesign, and interdisciplinary studies.  


Key goals and objectives:


  • Exploring the relationship between public design and sustainability;

  • Exploring the relationship between public design and inclusiveness;

  • Exploring public facilities for persons with special needs;

  • Exploring users’ involving in sustainable urban development and public design;

  • Exploring the relationship between the design of street leisure facilities and street daily life;

  • Exploring new design directions for health in public environment.



Team Members

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