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Our Space

The space at the LKSDIL in Hong Kong is designed to provide a collaborative and innovative environment for startups. The lab is situated at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and offers startups modern and well-equipped office space, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

office space

The office space is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each startup. Startups are provided with desks, chairs, and storage space, and are able to customize their workspaces to suit their preferences. The lab also provides high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, and access to a shared kitchen and break area.

Board Meeting

In addition to office space, the LKSDIL also offers meeting rooms and event spaces that can be used for workshops, training sessions, and networking events. The meeting rooms are equipped with whiteboards and projectors, and can accommodate groups of various sizes.

Colleagues Working Together

The lab also features a Maker Space, which is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, and other tools that startups can use to prototype and develop their products.

Overall, the space at the LKSDIL is designed to be a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters innovation and creativity. Startups have access to a range of resources and facilities that can help them grow and scale their businesses.

Digital Fabrication


Advisory Services

The LKSDIL provides a comprehensive range of business advisory services to support startups in their growth and development.

The lab is designed to provide startups with the guidance and support they need to navigate the challenges of building and scaling a business.

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