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Investor introductions

The LKSDIL helps startups with fundraising by offering guidance and support on investment introductions and interactions with potential investors. The lab uses its network of investors, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate investors, to introduce startups to potential investors that are a good fit for their needs and goals.


The lab carefully reviews the investor's investment preferences and criteria to ensure that there is a good match between the startup and the investor. The lab also helps startups prepare for meetings with investors, including providing guidance on creating pitch decks and investment proposals.

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Once introductions are made...

The lab facilitates interactions between the startups and investors.

Scheduling meetings

Providing support

Helping negotiate

This includes scheduling meetings, providing support during due diligence processes, and helping to negotiate investment terms.

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Throughout the investment process,
the lab works closely with startups to ensure that they are well-prepared and supported.

The lab provides advice and guidance on investment terms 

And helps startups negotiate and close the deal.

Group Discussion

The lab also provides ongoing support after the investment.

Including advice on managing relationships with investors and guidance on how to use the investment to fuel growth and development.

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