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Incubation Programme

The LKSDIL may provide physical or virtual incubation spaces and acceleration programs that offer startups access to resources, services, and mentorship to help them scale their businesses.

Incubation Process

Accelerate Application Cycle

Application Requirements


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Incubation Process

Application & selection

The incubation program at the LKSDIL will have application process

where startups can apply to be part of the program

The program will select startups based on criteria such as quality of their business idea, potential of their product or service, and strength of their team

Mentorship & coaching

Access to resources & facilities

Workshops & training

Demo day

Tailored support

Startups in  incubation program will receive mentorship and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors.


Mentors will provide guidance on business strategy, product development, marketing, and fundraising

Startups will have access to resources such as office space, meeting rooms, equipment, and software.


The incubation program will also provide access to a network of investors, advisors, and potential customers

The incubation program will offer workshops and training sessions on topics such as business planning, marketing, sales, and fundraising.


These sessions will be led by experienced entrepreneurs or industry experts.

At the end of the incubation program, startups will have the opportunity to pitch their product or service to a panel of investors, potential customers, and industry experts


This pitch event is often called a "demo day" and can help startups raise additional funding and gain exposure

The incubation program at the LKSDIL will be tailored to the specific needs of each startup


The program will work closely with each startup to identify areas where they need support and provide customized solutions to help them overcome challenges


Accelerate Application Cycle

at the Lab is a startup accelerator program

This program is specifically designed to support early-stage startups in their growth and scaling efforts. Startups from various industries are encouraged to apply for the program and receive resources to help them develop their products, build their teams, and acquire customers.


Throughout the program, startups are provided with a range of benefits, including mentorship, workshops and training sessions on various topics such as business strategy, marketing, and fundraising.

Startups are also given access to office space at the LKSDIL for the duration of the program. Furthermore, each startup receives a seed investment to help them grow their business.


The program also offers networking opportunities by connecting startups with a network of investors, industry experts, and other entrepreneurs. At the end of each cycle, startups have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a panel of investors and industry experts at a Demo Day event.


All in all, the Accelerate Program at the Li Ka Shing Design and Innovation Lab is an excellent opportunity for startups looking to accelerate their growth and take their businesses to the next level. With two cycles per year, each lasting four months, the program provides ample opportunity for startups to participate and benefit from the program's resources and support.

The programme runs twice per year

Each cycle lasts for four months

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The first cycle starting in September and ending in December

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The second cycle beginning in January and concluding in June


Application Requirements

for the Accelerate Program may vary depending on the year, but typically include

Early-stage startup

Innovative idea

Strong team


Potential for growth

Legal structure

Application form

Pitch deck

The program is specifically designed for early-stage startups that are seeking to grow and scale their businesses

The startup should have the potential for significant growth and expansion

Startups should have an innovative idea or product that solves a pressing problem or fills a gap in the market

The startup should have a legal structure in place, such as a registered company or limited liability partnership. Or, have a plan to create a legal structure in the funding cycle

The startup should have a strong and dedicated team with relevant skills and experience

Startups are typically required to complete an online application form that includes information about their business, team, and growth plans

The founding team should be committed to the program and willing to actively participate in the workshops, training sessions, and mentorship opportunities provided

Startups may also be required to submit a pitch deck outlining their business idea, market opportunity, and growth strategy

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