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Incingarette (incinerator+cigarette):

Crafting Animated Parables to Track Smoking

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Incingarette is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) system that assists people in smoking reduction. It consists of a smart ashtray with a digital picture frame. When a person smokes, the digital picture starts to be gradually covered with dirt. The design draws on psychology research insights that frequently imagining an event renders it seemingly more likely. With always-on sensing technologies, virtual feedback can be designed to provide frequent experiences that tie the real-life behavior with imaginary outcomes, which can affect one’s behavioral intention. Field trials of the working prototype demonstrate incremental change in intention to reduce smoking.

Incingarette- Images 1.jpg

Figure 1. A working prototype of Incingarette simulating the digital picture frame mounted on the wall in a smoking cabin.

Incingarette- Images 2.png

Figure 2. The design of Incingarette blends the concepts of smoking and incinerating. The use of the ashtray causes the digital picture to be covered by dirt. When the ashtray is not used, the dirt is gradually washed away.

Incingarette- Images 3.jpg

Figure 3. The use of the ashtray is detected by weight sensors, and the data is processed by the microcontroller, which communicates to the cloud server that renders the digital picture.

Incingarette- Images 4.jpg

Figure 4. A field trial of the working prototype with a participant.

Team Members

  • Kenny K. N. Chow, Project leader

  • Daniel Munoz Prieto, Team member

  • Mavis WongTeam member

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