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Designing Central 設計中

Project Nature


Government funded project

Principal Sponsor






Designing Central is a project funded under CreateSmart Initiative by CreateHK. The project features a series of creative events as part of the opening programme of the revitalised Central Market held from 21 September 2021 to 9 January 2022. The project is organised with a view to promoting Hong Kong creative designs via Central Market which is not only one of the Hong Kong prominent historical landmarks, but also an ideal venue situated at the heart of the business district of the city. 

Major Activities

Outdoor Cinema / Past to Nature (放映中 / 城鄉共生)


A screening of a total of 14 short films, documentary and docudrama in relation to the sustainability of urban and rural development, urban revitalisation, and more.

Tangible Stories / Form follows Innovation (展覽中/創新演練)


A showcase of 20 design projects demonstrating how creativity leads to new ventures, patented innovation, unique brands, innovative service or products and best practice.

Central Classroom / STE(A)M (制作中/天工開物)


A series of STEAM workshops involving hands-on experience on social design inclusive deign, co-creation, teamwork, prototyping, testing and presentation of results.

Urban Market / Less is More (創業中/體驗市集)

A total of 70 stalls in Central Market and locations nearby Tai Kwun and PMQ with busking and street performance, sales of creative products and showcase of prototypes of creative products for business use.

Project Team

Major Activities


Prof Tak LEE

Project Investigator

Former Director of SD Plus

Major Activities


Alvin Yip

Principle Project Fellow


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