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Asian Lifestyle Design Lab 



What are the lifestyle trends that drive Asian economies and design?
Asian Lifestyle Design Lab provides research service to and generates critical knowledge for designers and industries creating innovative, sustainable products and services for the Asian lifestyle. It also engages in fundamental and historical research, develops appropriate methodologies for fieldwork and analysis, and seeks collaborations with industrial and academic partners.


The Lab undertakes both broad and focused people-centric and user-centred research that explores those trends that have relevance to design-driven businesses serving Asian contexts, and it investigates the social, cultural, historical and environmental drivers of lifestyle change. It works in collaboration with several industrial and academic partners.
The lab conducts ethnographic studies of everyday experience in urban China. Its current emphases are middle-class consumption, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable micro-production, related design research tools, and Chinese traditions of design thinking/ making.


The lab is also involved with the establishment of supportive networks such as LSDER-China.


Research papers and publications

Leong, B.D., & Lee, Y.H., [2016]. "‘Sustainable Make, Act, Do’: Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle via SMAD". In Daichi Iwase (Ed), DESIS Lab Network (pp.21-23). Tokyo: Tokyo Zokei University Publishing.

Leong, B.D., & Lee, Y.H., [2014]. "Learning the Unlearned: Product Design for Sustainability". In ‘Product-Service System Design for Sustainability’ edited by Vezzoli, C., Kohtala, C., Srinivasan, A., Xin, L., Fusakul, M., Sateesh, D. and Diehl, J.C., UK: Greenleaf Publishing.

Leong, B.D., and Lee, Y.H., [2011] "Smarter All: Design and Design Research at the People Centric Era for China", Asian Design Journal, 6(1),12-43.

Leong, B. D., Lee, B. Y. H., & Chow, K. K. N. (2018). Collective Play Versus Excessive Use: an Insight into Family-Focused Design Intervention for Mobile Phone Overuse. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 1-16. (DOI:

Leong Benny, Lee Brian, Chow Kenny. (2017). A Multidisciplinary Initiative of Intervening Mobile Addiction via Family-focused and Gamification-enhanced Design, Asia - Design Engineering Workshop (A-DEWS), Seoul National University, Dec 11-12, 2017 (best presentation award)

Chow Kenny, Leong Benny, Lee Brian. (2017). Designing intervention with technology for healthy mobile use - Personal and home approach. The First Asia Pacific Conference of Addiction Professionals (APCAP), HK, May 18-19, 2017

Team Members

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