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Asian Ergonomics Design Lab



Asian Ergonomics Design Lab focuses on ergonomics and human factors in design application, ranging from physical ergonomics to cognitive ergonomics within the Asian context.  Asian Ergonomics Design Lab works closely with other institutes locally and internationally to advance the knowledge in ergonomics. Asian Ergonomics Design Lab has created the first-ever digital database (SizeChina project) of Asian head and face shapes which can be used by designers and manufacturers internationally.

Recent projects have focused on AI enhanced digital human modelling and product design, social robots, ergonomics issues in geriatric population and the use of mobile devices, cultural differences, comfort and pain modelling, head, face and ear anthropometrics and 3D design tools for related products development, wearable products design and development such as face mask, face shield and headset design.


Asian Ergonomics Design Lab works with industrial partners through consultancy projects and university-industry collaborative projects. The research and development at Asian Ergonomics Design Lab is essential for creating better products for the Asian markets. The lab encourages visitors to come by to visit its facilities and discuss their requirements.










Team Members

  • Yan Tina Luximon, Lab leader

  • Parth Bharat Shah, Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Jiaxin Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Fang Fu, PhD Candidate

  • Hassan Iftikhar, PhD Candidate

  • Yao Song, PhD Candidate

  • Jing Luo, PhD Candidate

  • Jie Zhang, PhD Candidate

  • Huanhuan Li, PhD Candidate

  • Xiaokang Wei, PhD Candidate

  • Yang Li, PhD Candidate

  • Shun Gui, PhD Candidate

  • Dong An, Research Associate

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