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OIC x Alipay Design 2021

Design Contest

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The ‘OIC’ (OPEN-INNO CHALLENGE) is an open, rapid design contest initiated by the SD+ of PolyU Design for envisioning preferred societal changes and improving people’s lives and well-being. 


Together with Alipay Design, the OIC called for SD community to collect observations, stories and creative ideas related to everyday challenges of 'exchanging resources or transacting with others.‘   Such exchange or transaction experiences could be in forms of money, object, credit, skill or time. And also in the aspects of small business, life-long learning, social relationship, alternative way of work/employment, expense management, etc.


OIC is to be used as a joint explorative attempt to identify potential themes of design challenges for the upcoming SD+Alipay collaboration.


Winning ideas and designers





1st Prize 

Ma Yifu, Kimo 

MDes - ID&BM

Personal carbon account

2nd Prize 

Chong Ting Yan, Ellie 

MDes - Interaction Design

Parasites in sharing

3rd Prize 

Guo Jing

MDes - ID&BM

Facial Recognition with /without Beauty; Green decarbonisation


Feng Zeping 

MDes - Design Practices

Toxic love


Yu Hanbo  

MDes - ID&BM

Second-hand trading

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