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PolyU Design and TCL sets up strategic partnership on Joint Laboratory and Future TV Framework

Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

We are proud to announce the strategic cooperation between PolyU Design and TCL under the Joint Laboratory and Future TV Framework.  The project including a joint laboratory in user experience (UX) design will facilitate the design research and explore opportunities of academic-business collaboration, particularly in the areas of global outlook and lifestyle appreciation.


The cooperation will help both PolyU Design and TCL achieve the respective goals and enable the acceleration of design and technological development in the coming years.


The parties signed the cooperation memorandum at PolyU’s Jockey Club Innovation Tower on 19 October 2020, witnessed by the representatives from both sides.





PolyU Design


Prof. Kun-Pyo Lee, Dean of School of Design, Director of this collaboration project
Dr Newman Lau, Associate Professor of PolyU Design, and Project Leader
Prof. Tak Lee, Professor of Design Practice of PolyU Design
Prof. Stephen Wang, Professor in UX Design & Design Intelligence of PolyU Design
Prof. Kevin Denney, Professor of Practice in Social Innovation of PolyU Design
Mr Dominic Leung, Deputy Project Leader of PolyU Design



Ms Rain Xiong, Deputy Head of Chairman Office at TCL
Mr Chak Yun Hei, Deputy Design Director at TCL Research, and Project Leader
Mr Karl Li, Manager of External Liaison at TCL

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