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Research Centre for Future (Caring) Mobility



The Research Centre for Future (Caring) Mobility is a University-level Research Centre which represents a vision of interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, STEAM (STEM+Art & Design) and innovative design approach emphasising on living, caring and wellbeing under various scenarios of mobility.


The Centre is determined to tackle on the ‘wicked’ real-world challenges such as the future caring in transportation, transit UX, communication and integration of personal information in mobility, automobile cybersecurity, smart city fluidity & liveability, and UX in emerging transport modes such as versatile & on-demand transport, and wellbeing aspects in connected and autonomous vehicles. Benefits by such a unique vision, this Centre will be first in the world to focus on blurring various mobility related boundaries to vision the future of ‘caring-moving 關愛移動’, the research and design outcomes will significantly contribute to Hong Kong, GBA, and the region.

To carry out high-impact research, this RC will create a unique platform empowering visionary design-led innovations, emphasis on the potential economic, social health and wellbeing benefits in mobility innovation, and design practical, innovative, user-friendly caring-mobility solutions. The new generation of researchers, designers and innovators in this area will also benefit from this platform through a genuine design-led innovation approach, which focusing on the end-users’ evolving and unmet needs from both caring and mobility perspectives, alongside specialised technological knowledge.

Centre Director

Centre Director

Professor in UX Design & Design Intelligence

MDes Scheme Leader

Specialism Leader of MDes (Intelligent Systems Design)

Centre Research


This stream focuses on extending the existing strength and interests of the automobile industry, aims at developing novel concept enabling movement to be more fun and appealing. 

Sample Project


Project 1.1

Playable & Secured Smart diagnosis, monitoring solutions supporting (paediatric) special care needs

Apply playable design & data security principles to develop engaging (e.g. kid-friendly) & secured AT: Concerning the needs of mobility

Program Leaders

Industry collaboration

Research Program 1


This stream develops based on the MedTech companies’ capabilities to co-design, implement, test and refine their technology solutions with different user groups in multiple mobility related caring scenarios. By growing the sectors awareness of how Caring/AT is used in hybrid settings, by clinician and consumer end-users, Program 2 enhances partners innovation capabilities for new technology platforms (hardware and software) and service design models.

Sample Project


Project 2.1

XR system in mobility facilitating a Hybrid care environment

Reduce hospital wait times, by accelerating hybrid care at moving based on the data of daily care activities

Project 2.2

VR support for elderly’s mobility with future healthcare arrangements  

Using VR to support aging people and their families to discuss and communicate preferred healthcare arrangements when their health condition deteriorates 

Program Leaders