City of Scripts 

The Craftsmanship of Vernacular lettering in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is a place filled with all kinds of type and lettering. They are the elements that strengthen our bond as a community, enrich our imagination towards places and construct the characters of our neighbourhood. There is a saying in Chinese: ‘Seeing one’s writing is like seeing them in person’. It can also reflect the details and cultivations of our city’s way of life.


In this regard, our research team from Information Design Lab visited our fellow craftsmen to learn about their experience and their lives working with vernacular lettering. Each of their craftsmanship has its own unique features, functions and different pursuits of aesthetics. Consider taking a closer look at them – the untold stories and thoughts shall be revealed behind the characters and figures of these humble craftsmen.


Through this book, we wish to provide more possibilities in understanding our city to those who are interested in lettering and type design as well as street culture.



The Best of the Best award of the Social Science category at the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Award 2021